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What WHS data and information should have been collected

What WHS data and information should have been collected

1. What WHS data and information should have been collected when the girl was killed in the Canberra hospital implosion? When a serious incident has occurred and you need to access information and data external to the business.
2.  In relation to the Canberra hospital implosion what are 4 examples of information that you would source external to the incident and Where would you access the above information
3. what are 4 ways the WHS advisor assist in the incident investigation process.
4. When participating in the incident investigation for the hospital, there are different analysis techniques that can be used. List and explain the TWO most applicable methods for the Canberra Hospital Implosion taking into account the complexity of it.
5. When there has been a fatality in the situation of the hospital implosion, a thorough investigation must be undertaken. The outcomes and recommendations need to be communicated to all stakeholders. Explain how you as the WHS advisor contribute to the communication process?
6.  As part of the incident investigation, many stakeholders are consulted to enable them to contribute to the recommendations from the investigation. Some of these stakeholders will be subject matter experts (SME’s) and specialists in their field. As the WHS advisor for the Chief minister’s office, how could you contribute to the recommendations of the hospital implosion investigation
7. Obtaining approval for the recommendations from the investigation process can be complex. Businesses and government entities must adhere to their policies and procedures to enable a process that is transparent to occur. How could you contribute to this process in your role as the WHS advisor for the Chief minister’s office?

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