As group leader, Julie always sat at the end of the long conference table. She assigned the seat to her right to her favorite group member. The other group members were appalled when a new member t
November 21, 2023
River Corp. has 8 percent coupon bonds making annual payments with YTM of 7.2 percent. The current yield on the bond is 7.55 percent. How many years
November 21, 2023
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week 1 project

week 1 project

Choose one the following corporations to complete your SWOT Portfolio.

BP (British Petroleum)
Coca-Cola Company
Exxon Mobile
FedEx Express
ING Group
JP Morgan and Chase Co.
Proctor and Gamble
Pepsi Co.

After you have selected one of the proposed corporations, research the company’s corporate website and the Rasmussen Online Library and in 1-2 pages:

Provide the background history to explain the type of corporation.
Provide 3 to 5 credible sources from the Rasmussen Library as well as the Internet and write a brief explanation as to how each source will help contribute to the possible analysis and explanation of global expansion for the corporation.

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