WCU Anxiety in students from Kinder garden to 12th grade Essay

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September 10, 2023
Distinguish between the positive and negative symptoms associated with a diagnosis of Schizophrenia. What symptoms are key in making the distinction among the diagnoses of Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective Disorder, and Mood Disorder with Psychotic Features?
September 10, 2023
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WCU Anxiety in students from Kinder garden to 12th grade Essay

WCU Anxiety in students from Kinder garden to 12th grade Essay

Compose a brief and focused paper which explains and describes your healthcare issue/topic from a scientific and/or mathematical/analytical perspective of inquiry. Your instructor will guide you through the choices you have for this inquiry, including options and strategies for combining the perspectives.
MY INQUIRY ID: ANXIETY IN EDUCATION: Kinder garden TO 12th Grade (HIghSchool )

Your paper must be 5 pages in length and reference 4-6 scholarly (ATTACHED FIND 1 Article that I want to use and it will give you topic idea), peer-reviewed resources. Be sure to follow APA formatting standards (spacing, font, headers, titles, abstracts, page numbering, etc.) as you demonstrate informative, explanatory, descriptive writing. Use the provided template (attached)

Address your general topic by forming and answering two levels of research questions, developed to provide specific and detailed inquiry, discovery and understanding:

Choose a “Level 1 Research Question/ Writing Prompt” from either or both of the lists below to answer in the paper.
Compose a “Level 2 Research Question/ Writing Prompt” that provides detail, specificity, and focus to your inquiry, research and writing**.

State your research questions in the introduction of your paper.
Form the body of your paper by answering each research question, using references to the resources found in your research.
Review the process and the resulting understandings in the conclusion of the paper (briefly review the issues, research questions, answers, and insights.)

Level 1 Research Questions/Writing PromptsSCIENTIFIC Perspective of Inquiry

What are the anatomical, physiological, pathological, or epidemiological issues?
Which body systems are affected?
What happens at the cellular or genetic level?
Which chemical or biological issues are most important?

Level 1 Research Questions/Writing PromptsMATHEMATICAL/ANALYTICAL Perspective of Inquiry

What are the economical issues involved?
Which economic theories or approaches best explain the issue?
What are the statistical facts related to the issue?
Which statistical processes used to study the issue provide for the best explanation or understanding of the issue?

Attached also find Level 1 and Level 2 questions created by me. You can use my questions too. Also please attach each article you will use for the essay in separate files.

If you have questions please contact me whenever required.

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