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September 10, 2023
How is Everett M. Rogers’s Diffusion of Innovations related to change? 
September 10, 2023
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The main objective of ?this video assignment is to

The main objective of ?this video assignment is to

The main objective of  this video assignment is to communicate clearly and accurate information  in an engaging manner for an audience of your peers. 
NOTE: This video will be watched by other students who share similar interests or work in your nursing area.

Read both articles:

Introduce yourself to the class
Explain what may be a “Sacred Cow” in your area of practice.
Identify two classmates who share similar experiences and invite them to watch your video
Post brief comments on how you can collaborate to resolve your “Sacred Cow” issue.
The video is evaluated based on its length, title, content, clarity, and ability to engage the viewers (See Rubric). Plagiarism Free Papers
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