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The definition of psychology is the study of behavior and mental processes. As humans we are continually engaging in behaviors and our brains are always processing information. Reflect on your own life. Prior to studying psychological principles, consider some of the following:

How do you innately use psychology in your everyday life?
How is it used in the workplace? In hospital settings?
In school settings? In families, relationships, and raising children?
In the design of homes, offices, playgrounds, schools?

In your own words, give examples of where you see psychology applied?
Students must write all responses using their own thoughts and words. If one uses a theory or information from Internet websites or other resources to support their thoughts, position, or opinion that information must be cited using APA format and a bibliography. Please note that the purpose of the assignment is to discuss oneâ€s own thoughts about a topic, so, use of resources is not encouraged. If resources are used, they must be used minimally (one or two citations maximum no more than two sentences or phrases) This type of information should be used to support oneâ€s position or opinion only. Please note: cutting and pasting from the internet, use of another authorâ€s thoughts and/or words from any resource without citation in the response and a bibliography, using sentences such as “Scientists/Researchers say that…” or “According to current research” (without citing who the scientists are…what the research is…and not citing them/it) is considered plagiarism. Plagiarism is not tolerated and therefore the instructor will take academic disciplinary action.
“Read the discussion question and then reflect on it. You may want to read some of your classmates†responses prior to answering. When ready, respond to the question providing the class with your thoughts, opinions, and position on the content in the question. I am seeking the thoughts of the student, just as if this is a discussion that is occurring in an on campus class. However, since this is also a writing assignment, responses must be cohesive, well written, and thoughtful. Responses must be at least 15 sentences in length (longer is better)”
Students are graded on substance as well as amount of sentences posted. Points are deducted per sentence missed. Be sure to count your sentences. You may use questions but ONLY AFTER you have written 15 sentences. Questions will not be included in the 15 sentence minimum requirement. However, questions will be used as a means to determine if you are probing further thinking on the topic.
Demonstrates an understanding of the discussion questions and employs critical thinking:

Demonstrates a solid understanding of the topic as evidenced by statements that show deep insight and analysis.
Personal opinion is expressed clearly and fully developed, with appropriate examples.
Response offers a new line of thinking. Poses questions or ideas to promote further discussion (after meeting

Connections to professional practice:

Evidence of significant reflective thought. Clear connections and specific reference to course materials (websites, articles, texts) and other information to support important points.
Specific examples are used to connect concepts to personal

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