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power point writing homework help

power point writing homework help

Week 10 and worth 105 points
Note: The accepted Microsoft Office versions for this assignment are Microsoft Office 2013 (for PC) and Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 (for Macintosh). Students may use a more recent version if available.
Select a person that you admire the most. The person can be a family member, friend, musician, etc.
Create a four (4) slide PowerPoint presentation in which you:

Slide 1: Insert a title slide including your name, course, quarter, and professor’s name.
Slide 2: Insert a picture of the person or of something that relates to the person, and include the name of the person you admire. Note: You may use / search the Internet to include a digital image.
Slide 3: Insert at least four (4) bullets that explain the key reasons why you admire this person.
Slide 4: Insert closing comments in bulleted, statement, or short paragraph form.
All Slides: Insert text into the Notes section of each slide indicating what you would consider saying when presenting your content. Note: Students should check with their instructors to see if they will need to present to the class.
All Slides: Organize the presentation so that the information is clear and visually appealing.

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