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Political Science Discussion Questions

Political Science Discussion Questions

 1- If you were to classify the developed countries into (at least two) subsets, what criterion or criteria would you employ? Explain why this would be a more appropriate classification than other alternatives that you do not select. 

2-  Identify two major threats to the prosperity and stability of the developed countries. What, if anything, can those states do to reduce these threats? 

3-  What are the obstacles to development in many countries of the Global South? What seem to be the most appropriate strategies to overcome those obstacles? Why are such strategies not already successful? 

4-  Discuss key reasons why the military has often ruled in Global South countries and the conditions under which it come to power. 

5-  Characterize the types of security threats that newly industrializing countries face. 

6-  Analyze factors that encourage political stability in newly industrialized countries. 

7-  Distinguish between Asian and Latin American development strategies and assess their successes. 

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