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PC Build and Manual writing homework help

PC Build and Manual writing homework help

please divide the manual in the 3 parts


You will provide a comprehensive and detailed manual documenting the step-by-step process for building a computer using the components provided in LabSim 13.1: “Build a Computer from Scratch.” The manual will be used by entry-level technicians, so it should be clear, concise, and formatted using the IEEE citation style, with screenshots of each step from LabSim 13.1. Your manual should be similar to step-by-step instructions on How to Change the Oil in Your Car. Note carefully how in this example, not only is each step described individually, and in detail, but also there is a visual representation of each step. You should model your submission along the same lines. Keep in mind that your manual will be used as a guide for new technicians.
The manual should not document how to complete a LabSim section; rather, it should provide detailed instructions on how to build an actual computer for a potential customer:

“Drag the motherboard from the shelf to the motherboard plate in the system case.”

“After properly grounding yourself, pick up the motherboard and place it inside the area where the motherboard will sit in the case. Align the screw holes on the motherboard with the screw holes on the case. Use appropriate screws to mount the motherboard inside the case, making sure not to scratch the surface of the motherboard.”
To learn about the required parts which must be present in your submissions, and to learn how you will be assessed on this assignment, please take a moment to review the rubric.
The manual will have three separate parts. Part 1 addresses Sections 1-5 of the overall manual, Part 2 addresses Sections 6-10, and Part 3 addresses Sections 11-12.
PC Build & Manual Part 1:
1. Workspace Preparation (LabSim 2.0)2. Installing Motherboard (LabSim 3.3)3. Installing Power Supply (LabSim 3.2)4. Installing CPU (LabSim 3.5 and 3.10)5. Installing RAM (LabSim 3.7/3.8)
PC Build & Manual Part 2:
6. Installing Hard Drive (LabSim 5.2)7. Installing Optical Drive (LabSim 5.3)8. Installing Video Card (LabSim 3.12)9. Connecting Monitors, Keyboard, and Mouse (LabSim 4.0)10. BIOS Configuration (LabSim 3.10)
PC Build & Manual Part 3:
11. Installing Windows 7 (LabSim 10.3)12. Configuring Critical Windows Features (LabSim 9.0 and 10.0)

Computer Requirements

use the motherboard provided on the shelf
appropriate power supply that support the motherboard
fastest processor possible (available on the shelf and compatible with the motherboard)
maximum memory possible in triple channel mode
single hard drive
single CD-DVD drive
single video card

Manual Sections

In addition to including the sections listed below, your manual should

address the environment in which the computer build will take place. For example, what are the best practices when working in a carpeted room?
not use computer jargon. Although the manual will be used to train new technicians, it may also be used by someone with limited computer knowledge, so the manual must be easy to understand.
include explanations on methodology. For example, why is it important to use an antistatic grounding bracelet when working with the computer? Or why is it important to install memory sticks in pairs?

The 12 sections of the overall manual are as follows:

Workspace Preparation (LabSim 2.0)
Installing Motherboard (LabSim 3.3)
Installing Power Supply (LabSim 3.2)
Installing CPU (LabSim 3.5 and 3.10)
Installing RAM (LabSim 3.7/3.8)
Installing Hard Drive (LabSim 5.2)
Installing Optical Drive (LabSim 5.3)
Installing Video Card (LabSim 3.12)
Connecting Monitors, Keyboard, and Mouse (LabSim 4.0)
BIOS Configuration (LabSim 3.10)
Installing Windows 10 (LabSim 10.3)
Configuring Critical Windows Features (LabSim 9.0, 10.0, 11.0, and 12.0)

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