What are some cultural factors that might affect English language learning for native English speakers as well as those students for whom English is an additional language?
September 10, 2023
Identify an instance of an integrity check, word check, or obedience check (Clinton, chapter 3) in your life or the life of someone you have observed. Analyze it in terms of the elements of personal growth and expansion.
September 10, 2023
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Observe the Jewish Culture/ Temple and write a 3 page essay

Observe the Jewish Culture/ Temple and write a 3 page essay



Observe the Jewish Culture/ Temple and write a 3 page essay, double spaced.
1. Describe
• Look carefully at the setting where the ritual is taking place. Notice details. What clues about the religion or ritual are given by the setting (location, architecture, art, arrangement, decoration, etc)?
• What are the key symbols and actions that are used in the service itself (including what people do and say)?
• What is the overall “feel” of the service?
• Summarize some of the key “meanings” that you observe.
2. Understand
• Research and summarize the central beliefs of the religion. Where did you see these beliefs reflected in the service you attended?
• In what ways is the religious service linked to a particular culture? What connections did you see between the symbols and actions used and everyday life?
• What purposes do you think the service served (affirm beliefs, moral encouragement, build a sense of community or belonging with others, etc.).
• What aspects of the service were most unfamiliar to you? Research one of these and describe why it is important for the religion.


Write a 270- to 350-word (1-page) essay in a Microsoft® Word document on the topic of academic integrity.
Discuss academic integrity by responding to the following:

  • What are three examples of infractions that violate the Student Code of Academic Integrity?
  • How might a SMART goal help you avoid infractions against the code? Write a SMART goal to demonstrate.
  • Why is integrity important in both academic and professional life? How do you put integrity into practice in both your academic and professional life?
  • Discuss the resources on plagiarism available to you as student. Which is the most useful? Why?
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