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September 24, 2023
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September 24, 2023
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NURS 6231 Week 6: The Quality Movement

NURS 6231 Week 6: The Quality Movement

NURS 6231 Week 6: The Quality Movement
Section 3: Quality Measurement and Assessment
Measuring and assessing quality provides a foundation for identifying needs for improvement, developing effective interventions, and then monitoring progress toward desired results.
In this section of the Course Project, you focus on what you would measure—and how you would measure it—relative to your previously identified quality improvement issue. Note: This section of the Course Project will serve as the Portfolio Assignment for this course.
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To prepare:
 Review the Learning Resources. Also conduct a search of the literature related to your selected quality improvement issue and complete the “Evidence Matrix” document (provided in this week’s Learning Resources).
 Evaluate the evidence presented in the research literature and the quality standards proposed by various organizations, including the IOM’s six aims for quality improvement.
 Based on this review and your knowledge of the organization that you have selected, determine appropriate measures and indicators of performance related to your identified quality improvement issue.
 Consider how you could gather and use historical evidence of the organization’s performance related to the quality improvement issue. Also consider methods for gathering and assessing current quantitative and qualitative data, including those currently in use by the organization (e.g., chart audit data, staff surveys, quality indicators that are monitored, observations). If possible, examine actual data to assess your selected organization’s performance related to the issue.
 Think about what, specifically, you would like to achieve related to this issue. Establish realistic, evidence-based quality performance targets.
 Analyze gap(s) between the organization’s current performance and the performance targets.
 As you do this, you may wish to create a graphic organizer / alignment chart for your own use that illustrates:
o The measures and indicators that you would evaluate o Current and historical data related to this quality issue —either actual data or
methods for how you would collect and analyze the data o Methods for collecting and analyzing data in the future (including when you
would do this) o Realistic, evidence-based targets
Additional instructions for Section 3 are presented in Week 7. To complete this Assignment, you will write a paper introducing your quality improvement plan. This Assignment is due by Day 7 of Week 8. Plagiarism Free Papers
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