NURS 6231 Week 6: The Quality Movement
September 24, 2023
NURS 6231 Week 3: Organizational Systems and Structures, Part 1
September 24, 2023
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NURS 6231 Week 4: Organizational Systems and Structures

NURS 6231 Week 4: Organizational Systems and Structures

NURS 6231 Week 4: Organizational Systems and Structures Part 2 Section 1: Organizational Systems and Structures Evaluation
As you continue your evaluation of a health care organization, it is essential to pay attention to culture. Organizational culture provides the context in which all interactions and processes occur, and is therefore central to any effort to enact change. To prepare:
 Continue to analyze your selected organization, as indicated in Week 3 (Section 1 of the Course Project).
 In addition, consider the ideas and information exchanged in this week’s Discussion. Continue to analyze essential elements of organizational culture and evaluate the influence of culture on the ability to achieve goals within your selected organization.
To complete: Write a 3- to 5-page paper in which you:
 Provide a description of the organization that you selected
 Present your analysis of the organization with attention to: o Its mission, vision, values o Strategic plan, goals, and objectives o Key operational processes and patterns o Information technology use o Organizational priorities and investments, as indicated by financial data o The essential elements of the organization’s culture o The influence of culture on meeting organizational goals
Due by Day 7. Section 2: Quality Improvement Issue To help you move forward with your Course Project, this week you identify a quality issue that you would like to address and submit a description of this issue for Instructor feedback. Your proposed issue should reflect a genuine need for improvement within your selected health care organization. Through your Course Project, you will analyze this
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issue and propose strategies to improve outcome(s), including the redesign of a related process. To prepare:
 Review the six quality improvement aims from the Institute of Medicine (IOM) presented in Chapter 3 of the Sadeghi, Barzi, Mikhail, and Shabot text.
 Conduct a search of the literature to help you identify a specific issue that warrants attention and action to promote quality improvement.
 Consider what you have surmised thus far through your analysis of the organization that you selected. What have you noticed that could help you identify a quality- related need for improvement? For instance:
o What has captured your attention in meetings, reports, and/or daily activities? o Have you noticed discrepancies between activities in the organization and
recommendations in the research literature, quality standards, and/or the organization’s stated policies and procedures?
o If so, what do you think could be the reason(s) for variations or gaps between what you have observed and what is recommended?
 Identify a quality improvement issue that you would like to investigate for this project. Note: Review the Course Project Overview/full instructions, located in the Week 3 Learning Resources, as needed to identify a quality improvement issue that is viable for completing the full scope of this project. Once you receive a response from your Instructor on the quality improvement issue that you submit, be sure to integrate his or her feedback before moving forward with Section 3 of your Course Project. To complete: Write a brief description of the quality improvement issue that you would like to address for your Course Project. Submit by Day 7. Plagiarism Free Papers
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