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new research and development group

new research and development group

Please read all the instructions for this assignment first before agreeing to do the assignment. I will not pay more than the originally negotiated fee simply because you did not do your own due diligence first before agreeing to accept to do the assignment. Thank you for your time.

Linux Implementation Proposal

Linx, LLC has a new research and development group called LSDG. All systems in LSDG will run the Linux operating system and will access resources, as well as share resources, with Linx, LLC’s Microsoft Active Directory domain. The domain consists of several Windows Server 2012 R2 servers running various services (Microsoft Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, web services, printing and file services).

Linx, LLC also has around 500 client operating system desktops/laptops that run Windows 7 and Windows XP. There is a mix of desktop and laptop systems.

Current Desktop/Laptop Configuration for Windows 7:

Processor: Intel Core i3 Second Generation

Memory: 4GB RAM

Hard Drive: 350GB

Network Card: 10/100/1000 Mbps

USB Ports: 4 USB 2.0

Monitor: 20inch LCD

Current Desktop/Laptop Configuration for Windows XP:

Processor: Intel Core 2

Memory: 2GB RAM

Hard Drive: 80GB

Network Card: 10/100 Mbps

USB Ports: 4 USB 2.0

Monitor: 15inch LCD

Your boss wants you to come up with a proposal to replace all Windows XP systems with Linux. You will implement using a Redhat Linux variant which includes using Redhat Linux, Redhat Enterprise Linux, or Fedora. No other Linux type (ex. SUSE, Debian-based, and Ubuntu) will be accepted. 


The final submission should contain at least 5 to 7 pages’ worth of text written by the student (not counting title page, images, diagrams, tables, or quotations that may be used). It must be double-spaced, have 1-inch margins, and use 12-point Times New Roman or 10-point Arial/Helvetica font. A title page is required.

You must address the following in your proposal and may make any assumptions which are not specified:

· Research and justify whether LSDG will use existing computer hardware that is being used with the Windows XP systems, or if new hardware will be required.

· Plan for migration from Windows XP to Linux. 

· Determine the hardware to be used and the installation options.

· How will users log onto the systems? Explain.

· How will systems receive IP addresses? Explain.

· How will DNS be accessed by the LSDG systems? Explain.

· Explain how files on the network may be accessed by LSDG.

· Explain how LSDG can securely share files within their group and other selected groups/users in the company.

· How will printing be handled? Explain.

· What, if any, data will be encrypted? Explain.

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