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April 6, 2022
Wk 3 Discussion – Competitive Analysis [due Thurs]
April 6, 2022
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Need help with discussion question.

All questions has to be 200 word count with reference. I will need the first question today. Number 2 tomorrow and the rest by Monday evening.
1. What is integrated marketing and how does it fit in a marketing plan?
2. What is the difference between fad, fashion, and style?
3. Has Toyota followed the Form or Function paradigm?
4. Why is total customer service so important? What happens if a product or service does not actually meet its perceived performance or customer expectations? How can relationship marketing benefit a company?
5. Explain whether you would test market the following newly developed products prior to a full-market launch:

Blueberry flavored milk
Jewelry with smart phone technology

What are the benefits and risks of performing test marketing to product developers or product managers?
6. How does one manage new product/service ideas and bring them to market?
7. What are the various categories (5) of the service mix? Ch(14)
8. Read “Understanding ‘Place’ in Social Marketing: A Systematic Review” located in the Week 3 Electronic Reserve Reading. What doess Pllace in Social marketng mean? Why is it important?
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