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September 10, 2023
Explain each sampling technique discussed in the “Visual Learner: Statistics” in your own words, and give examples of when each technique would be appropriate.
September 10, 2023
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MAN3025 Research Paper Instructions – College Pal

MAN3025 Research Paper Instructions – College Pal

Select an organization (your work, school, or other organization to which you have access) and describe the four managerial functions: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. You may reference your text in describing the styles, types, and categories you observe. Read ahead in your text if necessary to review these topics as you prepare your draft.  As you progress through the course, you will gain further insight into how these four components relate as a whole. You will also receive feedback from your instructor offering suggestions for improving your draft. You will then revise and polish your paper for a final submission in Lesson 15. 
The paper must be well written with proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax, and references. This Research Paper will be a minimum of 6 to 7 typed pages plus a cover page and a References page, bringing the total to 8 or 9 pages. An abstract is optional unless your instructor states otherwise. The paper will be double-spaced using 12-point “Times New Roman” font and standard one inch margins. This equates to approximately 1500 to 1800 words. The paper must be correctly formatted and documented using the APA style.
The research paper assignment is divided into five steps.
Step 1:
Submit the name of an organization you will research. Include a brief explanation of the major roles that managers perform in the company. To submit your selection, click on the link “Step 1: Submit Organization Name”. Follow the assignment’s directions carefully before submitting your organization selection.
Step 2 (non-graded):
Your paper is automatically submitted to TurnItIn to permit you to observe and correct your Originality Index as you preview your draft paper. You are permitted one ungraded submittal to TurnItIn to preview your initial Matching Percentage. This preview TurnItIn site will open on the same date as the official draft submittal opening date. If your preview percentage exceeds 24%, check the report to confirm where copied words and phrases are causing you to exceed the value. Then, correct your original document by summarizing or paraphrasing these words/phrases into your own words. Work with the Student Learning Center (SLC) Links to an external site.or Writing Lab if you need assistance. This will reduce the copied material and the Matching Percentage prior to the official submittal in your research paper draft assignment. When completed, proceed to Step 3 and submit your corrected/updated draft before the due date. Again, your official submittal MUST NOT exceed 24% to receive credit for your work. To submit your ungraded submittal to TurnItIn, click on the link “Step 2: Preview Draft Paper”. Follow TurnItIn instructions carefully to submit your paper.
Step 3:
After eliminating excessive copied content identified in Step 2, TurnItIn will again be used to check for originality when you submit the draft of your research paper. The draft should represent about 80% of the final paper. Material for all sections must be addressed. To submit your draft, click on the link “Step 3: Submit Draft Paper”. Follow instructions carefully to submit your paper.
Step 4:
You will revise and polish your previously submitted draft based on your instructor’s feedback on Step 3. TurnItIn will be used to check for originality when you submit your Final Research Paper. Material for all sections must be addressed. To submit your final paper, click on the link “Step 4: Submit Final Research Paper”. Follow TurnItIn instructions carefully to submit your paper.
Step 5:
Submit Presentation. Prepare a PowerPoint file to present the major items you analyzed for your research paper. Provide one slide for background, one slide each for planning, leading, organizing, and controlling; and one slide for conclusion. You will submit a recording of your narrated
Lesson 01 – Step 1 – Submit Organization Name (step one ONLY)
Submit Organization Name and briefly explain the major roles that managers perform in the company.
Due in Lesson 01
How to Submit Your Assignment: Upload your response as an attachment in Word format using the Attach File function.
You will be allowed two (2) attempts to submit this assignment. Your Turnitin score will exclude matches from properly quoted phrases and reference lists. Please review your Turnitin report after your first attempt. If the report indicates a score higher than 24%, you will need to reword, summarize, paraphrase, or eliminate the highlighted phrases to improve it to an acceptable level.  Do not email the assignment to your professor.
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