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September 10, 2023
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Identify the person at the agency with whom the student

Identify the person at the agency with whom the student

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Use the questions below as a starting point (not all-inclusive) and ask follow-up questions to gain in-depth insight into the agency and population group served. This paper involves more than the questions below. Students will be using the required template to complete this assignment. Review course materials, including the PowerPoint, on conducting a comprehensive community assessment.Identify the person at the agency with whom the student needs to connect to complete the assignment. Give complete contact information (name, title, phone, email).Who are the key people at the agency? Such as managers, directors, and community advisors?What are the mission statement and goals of the agency?What is the nature of the service(s) provided? Such as transitional or temporary assistance or ongoing service?What type of funding support does the agency have or need?What is the agencys relationship with the broader community?In what ways does the community support the agency’s mission or initiatives?What is the health and socio-economic impact of the agency on the community?Does the agency provide primary, secondary, or tertiary care?What population group is served?Is the population static or dynamic?What is the most common health or social issue among those served?What type of health insurance is accessed among those served?Where do those served typically seek medical care?What is the usual income source and monthly amount among those served?What is the usual mode of transportation among those served?Determine if the population group the agency serves reflects the larger, more global population of the county, state, region, or country. An example would be an agency that serves 99% Hispanic individuals. That population is not reflective of the global population in this country.There will be disparities due to this specific population that is not necessarily seen in the larger, more global population. An agency that serves all homeless individuals will not reflect the larger, more global population of the county, state, region, or country. That target population will have unique needs seen at rates not equitable to the larger, more global population.This assignment, along with the windshield survey, is the foundation for planning and implementing the Health Promoting Intervention. The information in your Community Assessment must support the health-Requirements: Template will be provided Plagiarism Free Papers
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