Resources: University of Phoenix LibrarySelect a public organization in need of improvement that you will benchmark against Toyota.Research Toyota Production System (TPS) and Toyota Lean Enterprise so
November 21, 2023
Apple, the consumer electronics giant, on Tuesday rolled out new versions of its popular iPod music player. CEO Steve Jobs also unveiled cheaper models of its Touch music player, a touchscreen-only de
November 21, 2023
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i want to get a discussion board on health issue

i want to get a discussion board on health issue

i want to get a discussion board   

Describe the health issue and causes. (5 points)
Describe the statistics and health disparities of the health issue in the United States (how the health issue is distributed unequally among certain populations e.g. by age, race, gender etc.). (5 points)
Examine the health disparities through the lens of 1 of the 5 broad factors that contribute to behavior described in the Social-Ecological Web. (5 points)
Identify 1 local or national campaign designed to influence behavior targeted towards this health issue.  Describe the program or intervention, the sponsoring organization, and some of their priorities and if they have a target population. (5 points)

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