I need help with my business communication assignments

You will be required to write a research paper on a related to bioterrorism and public health preparedness.
April 6, 2022
The Research Paper must contain at least 1,500 words and follow current APA format. The title page, abstract, and reference list do not count towards the length requirement. You will submit your paper as a Word document.
April 6, 2022
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I need help with my business communication assignments


Acting as supervisor for a company of your choice, draft two examples of formal company e-mails to employees.
The first email will be good-news message delivering information that your employees will likely view as positive.
The second email will be a bad-news email delivering information that your employees will likely view as negative.
Each email will be approximately two-three concise, professionally-written paragraphs in an appropriate tone. Post both emails in the same document.
NOTE – The chapters 6 & 7 Lecture Slides include an overview of this concept!


To Begin, select a topic from the list below.

Working from home
Fair Tax
Adopting a European work schedule
Free Health Care
Free Day Care in the office
Tuition Reimbursement
Child Labor
Business Ethics
Team Building within the workplace
The importance of coaching and mentoring
Diversity within the workplace
Fun & Humor within the workplace
Work/Life Balance
Interviewing Skills
Resume Writing Skills
Communication Skills
Corporate Training
Taking your pet to work
Part time verses full time employment
Corporate Wellness Program
Casual/Dress down days
4 Day work week (4 10 hour days)

The persuasive speech, is your opportunity to take a stance on a topic of interest and support your viewpoint. This presentation represents the culmination of smaller assignments. Consider:
The topic itself. What is the issue, who are the stakeholders, and why is this important to you? And… why should it be important to us?
Your topical outline. What do you plan to tell us? What evidence do you plan to share, to convince us that your side is right in this debate?
What did you learn from the devil’s advocate? How can you use their propaganda against them – so that your argument is even stronger?
What tips will you use to make a ‘great’ persuasive speech? How can you use visual aids?
And finally, what will you ask the audience to do once you’ve persuaded them that your viewpoint is the most logical/sensible? Will your concluding thoughts resonate with them?
A few parameters:
This speech should be 8-10 minutes in length.
Submit the outline for this speech with your four sources (use the template below).
Establish credibility
Use visuals where you can!
Show enthusiasm! Use your voice to engage the audience and leave a positive impression.
Speech Outline Template
Additional information that will help you better understand and complete this assignment:
You will notice that the body of your grading rubric is divided into categories surrounding Monroe’s Motivated Sequence. This organizational pattern ensures that you are both informative and persuasive and allows you to better connect with your audience. For this speech, I would encourage you to use this organizational framework. Below are some additional resources you may use to learn more.
Helpful Web Links:
Monroe’s Motivated Sequence
Organizing Persuasive Speeches
MindTap Resources: Unit 5
Read Chapter 12
View Module Documents – Figure 12:54 Outlining an Oral Presentation
View your assignment rubric.

Part 1
Create a cover letter and resume for yourself for a job you would like to have. Please do not include personal information (such as current salary or social security number). Tailor the resume to fit the career position you are trying to secure. Both the cover letter and resume should be one page each and formatted as if they were going to a potential employer. Submit your work in the form of a WORD Document, placing the cover letter and the resume in the same document with a page break inserted between them. Once you have completed Part 1, complete Part 2 targeting the same career position.
Part 2
Activity prepared by Private Industry Council of Lehigh Valley, Inc., Allentown, Pa
Research has indicated that some questions are commonly asked during employment interviews. Fifteen of the most common questions are listed here. Read the question and write notes you might use in giving answers to the interviewer. Pay attention to the tips, which are intended to guide your answers. This activity will help prepare you for formal and informal job interviews.
1.What are your short-range goals? (Tip: What kind of job are you looking for?)
2.Where do you want to be five years from now? (Tip: Talk about how you would prepare yourself for future jobs in the company.)
3.What special skills do you have? (Tip: Talk about skills you would use in this job.)
4.What kind of job are you most interested in? (Tip: Explain how your interests will help you do a good job.)
5.What characteristics do you feel are most important for this job? (Tip: Talk about the two or three positive characteristics you would use most often in this job: leadership, work under pressure, and so forth.)
6.What is your greatest strength? Why do you think you can do this job better than anyone else? (Tip: Pick a strength that best fits the job.)
7.What is your major weakness? (Tip: It’s all right to admit a weakness, but also talk about how you’re going to turn it into a strength.)
8.What were your most important achievements in your last position? (Tip: Review your
9.Tell me about yourself. (Tip: Don’t get trapped! Ask specifically what the interviewer would like to know about you.)
10.Why do you want to work for this company? (Tip: Compliment the company. Also explain how the company can benefit by your abilities.)
11.What kind of recommendation do you think you’ll get from your previous employer? (Tip: Excellent, good—tell why. If you know for sure that you’d get a poor recommendation, don’t be afraid to tell why, but follow up with a positive comment. Don’t ever badmouth a previous employer.)
12.How do you feel about overtime? (Tip: If this question is asked, you know that there probably are overtime requirements. If you can and want to work overtime, answer enthusiastically. Don’t answer, “Well, if I have to.”)
13.How long would you stay with us? (Tip: Be positive. Say something such as, “I look at this opportunity as the beginning of a permanent relationship.”)
14.Why should we hire you? (Tip: Give a summary of your most important qualifications and interests. Be enthusiastic.)
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