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September 10, 2023
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September 10, 2023
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History Question 6 7 8 9

History Question 6 7 8 9

U2L6C- When faced with the choice to allow Nixon to stand trial or pardon him…Ford chose to Pardon Nixon. Did he make the right choice and why/why not?
U2L6J- Why was Ford unable to achieve in the area of domestic goals?
U2L7C- A tall ship in New York Harbor: Amerigo Vespucci at the ship parade in the NYC harbor at the United States Bicentennial festivities in 1976. What images of the United States past do ships like these bring to mind?
U2L7J- How did Ford attempt to continue Nixon’s foreign policies?
U2L8C -Access this site and answer: Compare this Crisis of Confidence and Carter’s plan to address the to the “crisis” facing the United States today
U2L8J- What changes did Jimmy Carter bring to the presidency?
U2L9C-In one of the lesson video presentations, the speaker used the metaphor of a chess game to characterize the relationship and actions of Carter and the Soviet Union. Using that as an example, develop and post your own metaphor for one of the other foreign policy actions or roles of President Carter. In a few lines explain the reasoning behind your metaphor.
U2L9J- Explain how President Carter’s emphasis on human rights affected his foreign policy decisions. Be sure to cite specific examples from the lesson presentations and reading as part of your explanation.
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