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September 10, 2023
Literature Discussion Assignment 2: Narrative vs. Stories (Essay Sample)
September 10, 2023
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From the Latin term for concept,? a poetic conceit is an

From the Latin term for concept,? a poetic conceit is an

I need a analyzing essay on the poem a valediction. It should be 1000 words long, No plagiarism, MLA format, Here are some guidelines to follow;From the Latin term for concept,? a poetic conceit is an often unconventional, logically complex, or surprising metaphor whose delights are more intellectual than sensual. The Things are so unlike that the reader doesnt even want to compare them, but the poet skillfully makes the comparison acceptable.Conceit: Is the result of mental activity; an exaggerated and elaborated comparison between two very UNLIKE thingsWhen writing a question: think about how you would answer that question? What are the forms of details you would like to hear in the answer? Does the question anticipate any problems in the text? What would be your approach to the question? What is the argument behind your question? What is your claim?ASK A QUESTIONWhen the speaker in Donnes A Valediction? claims that the lady would grow erect,? how does he undermine her femininity with the use of an extended metaphor of stiff twin compasses? to reaffirm the firmness? of the dominant, male-centered social structure?The final conceit, taking up the last three stanzas (a very long analogy for Donne) is that of geometrical compasses. The word itself is plural, though it is basically a single instrument, which remains united even when the two parts are carrying out different functions. The analogy is not perfect, but it is powerful. The fixed foot (the woman) remains at the Centre while the other (the man) moves away to create a circle, yet the fixed foot also leans outwards following its mate. In time, the second foot returns to the centre. The idea of the circle provides a neat little ending to the poem: he’ll come home again soon.
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