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September 10, 2023
Identify the external and internal forces that drive organizational change in your field or industry. Explain the origin or reason for these internal or external driving forces. Explain how these forces directly affect the viability of your organization.
September 10, 2023
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for” loop

for” loop

Now, we’re introducing a “for” loop.  This loop runs a pre-determined number of times.  The “for” loop initiates the counter variable, determines how many times the loop will run, and generally increments or decrements the counter variable.  In this example, the counter is initialized to 1, and it increments by one each time the loop runs.  The loop rings the value of the counter variable each time it runs.

Here’s the Flowchart:

And here is the code:

And here is the output:

Now, re-create the flowchart in Flowgorithm and run the code in your Dev CV++ compiler.

Upload your flowgorithm file, .c file, and a screen shot of your code output saved in a Word document including the path name directory at the top of the screen into the dropbox for grading.

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