Frequently Asked Questions

1What is
We are a renowned nursing academic writing agency offering efficient high-class dissertations and essay writing services or college homework help at much affordable rates that perfectly suit all budgets. Our excellent customer support always assists you to achieve the best grades.
2Who are your writers?

Our writers are not only skilled and experienced but also highly professional and knowledgeable. Once we receive your requirement through mail our dedicated team starts working on it and delivers it on time. If you trust us once you will realize why we are different from others.

All writers at hold – at the very least – a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing. Most of our writers have doctorate degrees in the field. Although we do hire writers from various parts of the world, we guarantee that we have taken serious steps to ensure their expertise and command in using the English language.

3Is buying academic papers and projects illegal?
No. We at have done extensive research and can confidently inform you that hiring a company to do your projects for you is not punishable by US law. However, remember that purchasing an academic paper is deemed punishable by scholastic institutions and could result in any number of disciplinary actions. We do understand that many of our clients purchase academic papers solely to serve as inspiration and jumping-off points for their actual paper.
4Do you sell pre-written academic papers?
Never! All academic papers and essays written by our writers are specifically tailored to your needs. We start writing after receiving your information and requirements. Don’t worry: we never resell any academic paper. Rest assured that your essay is unique, fresh and yours alone.
5How do your offered rates compare with those of other academic writing companies?
While every project you purchase from My Perfect Tutors will be completed to the best of our ability, the final essay sent to you is intended to be a "jumping-off" point. As such, our rates are far lower than those offered by our competitors.
I want to cancel my order To cancel an order, please contact our support team by phone or via Live Chat as soon as possible, and confirm the cancellation by sending us a message on your order page. 100% of your payment will be refunded if you cancel your order before we assign a writer to work on it. 70% is the refund you can claim if a writer has already been assigned to your paper, which can be confirmed by the order’s status. The same refund can be claimed if less than half of the time has passed between the moment of the order and the deadline. Up to 50% can be refunded if more than half of the time has passed between the moment of the order and the deadline. Up to 30% might be considered after delivery if you haven\'t downloaded the paper and the circumstances for the order cancellation were beyond your control. Note: You cannot cancel your order if the paper has been completed and delivered to your order page on time. In this case, you can only request a refund due to quality concerns through the “Refund” button on your order page. NB: WALLET BALANCE REFUNDS will only be sent to the respective student accounts after 180 days from the date the withdrawal request is made.
7Can I have my project revised?
Of course! Academic Writing Express offers unlimited revisions at no extra charge!
8Are your services confidential?
We make sure that all of our clients' information is kept strictly confidential. We will not share or sell any of your information. All your transactions with My Perfect Tutors will never be made public under any circumstances.
9How do I contact you?
Please proceed to our contact page and drop us a line! Our representatives are waiting to serve you.
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