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essay ethnic – Class Assignments Help

essay ethnic – Class Assignments Help

this is the book:
Mario T. Garcia ed.. The Chicano Movement: Perspectives From The Twenty-First Century, 2014.

Possible 100 Points 
(Pick five chapters, plus the Introduction Chapter from the book to analyze)
Address The Following Points About the Book

What is the author Thesis statement?
What is the author Research methodology? 
What are the major themes of this book?
What are the main topics and ideas in every section?
What is the author writing style?
Does this book have a clear introduction and conclusion?
Did the author provide solid evidences to back up their perspective?
Is this book well written?
Does this book meet the goals of the author objectives?
What are the weakness and strengths of the book?
How does the book address the intersections of race, ethnicity, class, and gender?
How does this book relate to previous articles, you have read on Communities-of-Color
What impact does the book have on the understanding of Communities-of-Color in the United States?
How successful do you think the author was in carrying out the overall purpose of the book?

How to write A Response Book Essay (3-4 pages) 

Intro – opening statement, thesis statement
Body of the Essay – Supporting Paragraphs
Conclusion – closing argument – your perspective (opinion on the book), good points and weakness of the book.  


Clear Opening and Thesis Statement – 25 Points _____
Clear Support Paragraphs – 50 points _____
Clear Conclusion Statement – 25 points _____

   Total 100 Points _____

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