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September 10, 2023
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September 10, 2023
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EHRs are used to satisfy documentation requirements to

EHRs are used to satisfy documentation requirements to

EHRs are used to satisfy documentation requirements to promote efficiency in delivering health care. Reliance on current electronic systems for documentation and reporting has shifted clinicians’ time away from human interaction to device interaction, fueling dissatisfaction on the part of both patients and clinicians. Ensuring clinicians maximize their time with the patient and not with the computer is a goal worthy of achieving as we work toward burden reduction.Refer to the ANIA statement for the Six Domains of Burden: A Conceptual Framework to address the burden of documentation. Briefly describe each of the six domains (Reimbursement, Regulatory, Quality, Usability, Interoperability/standards, and Self-imposed). Select one domain and give an example of documentation burden you experience in your practice. Propose a specific strategy you believe would improve your experience. How would your strategy affect documentation quality? Plagiarism Free Papers
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