Discuss Destructive Now and Before: Stereotypes out of American.

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September 10, 2023
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September 10, 2023
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Discuss Destructive Now and Before: Stereotypes out of American.

Discuss Destructive Now and Before: Stereotypes out of American.

Write 14 pages with APA style on Destructive Now and Before: Stereotypes out of American. Whether it is the noble Indian, who is at one with nature and loves mother earth, or the ignoble one, who is a murdering savage lusting for blood, the lazy Indian, who gets handouts from the governments for no work, or the drunkard, who spends all his earned money on alcohol, Native Americans have much to deal with when it comes to stereotypes. In this paper, it will be attempted to discuss just how much truth there is in these statements, and just how giving and generous the US government has been with the Indians. Moreover, the systemic genocide, both cultural and physical, will also be broached upon, along with how the stereotyping of Native Americans is perpetuated through popular media and its effects on the Native American population.
For the stereotyping of the Native Americans, we have to go further back into the history of the United States, and the first interactions of the Europeans with the untamed (stereotype) Natives of North America. The early settlers who came here found themselves on land that was rich in productivity, yet was inhabited by men who did not exploit the riches and were content on living their lives simply as hunter-gatherers. This aspect of the Native American personality was never understood by the Europeans (even today it is not completely understood), who held the Christian worldview of all nature being under their service, open to be exploited and utilized to the maximum to gain riches. This first impression, sadly, has lasted till now – undermining the other characteristics of the Natives that the Europeans, indeed, found endearing. the hospitality of the Natives, their honesty, and their penchant for helping was, sadly, always overlooked. What is more, even if they were acknowledged, they were taken to be as hope for their redemption, which somehow always equaled the Natives leaving their own culture and religion behind and transforming themselves into good Christians.
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