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September 10, 2023
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B. The Children Television Act of 1990 was amended in 1997

B. The Children Television Act of 1990 was amended in 1997

B. The Children Television Act of 1990 was amended in 1997 to force requiring television stations to expand their educational programming efforts for children. Conduct an online search to learn more about the purpose of this law. Review the highlights and specific regulations stated in the Act and discuss its implications for television broadcasting stations.Do young children understand the advisory terms and statements that television stations are required to use, such as “use viewer’s discretion,” or “parental discretion advised,” or “we will resume normal programming in a minute”?Do you think these terms are effective? Why or why not?C. Several groups and organizations have compiled guidelines to help families evaluate the nature and content of television programs designed for children. An example is available athttp://www.parentfurther.com/technology-media/activitiesandquizzes/decactivity.shtmlorhttp://www.fcc.gov/guides/childrens-educational-televisionConduct your own Internet search to locate others. Watch and evaluate at least five children’s television programs using one or more of these evaluation tools.What conclusions can you draw from the data you collected? Compare and contrast the content of each program.Was the evaluation tool useful? How would you change or improve the rating form?
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