Article Choices: Chapman, B., Erdozaim, M., Powell, D. (2017…

Assume you have been given two boxes full of files and the
September 10, 2023
Select a state health policy reform innovation and describe the rationale, how it was adopted (e.g., federal waivers, passage by state legislature), the funding structure, and (to the extent statistical data are available) its impact. Summarize the findings in a 1-2-page, single-spaced memo.
September 10, 2023
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Article Choices: Chapman, B., Erdozaim, M., Powell, D. (2017…

Article Choices: Chapman, B., Erdozaim, M., Powell, D. (2017…

Select one of these articles for your assignment from the Herzing University Library database.
Article Choices:
Chapman, B., Erdozaim, M. S., & Powell, D. (2017). Going public: early disclosure of food risks for the benefit of public health. Journal of Environmental Health, 79(7), 8+. Retrieved from
H., Bishop, L., Street, C., Aubrey-Bassler, K., Humphries, D., Vat, L. E., & Barrett, B. (2017). Engaging patients in health research: identifying research priorities through community town halls. BMC Health Services Research, 17(1). Retrieved from
Michaelis, T. L., & Markham, S. K. (2017, March-April). Innovation training: making innovation a core competency: a study of large companies shows that, although managers see human capital as central to innovation success, most aren’t providing innovation training. Research-Technology Management, 60(2), 36+. Retrieved from
Miller, K. L. (2017, March). What we talk about when we talk about “reasonable cybersecurity”: a proactive and adaptive approach. The Computer & Internet Lawyer, 34(3), 1+. Retrieved from
Read the article using your chosen model of note taking (from Unit 2).
Using the identified article, provide the following information:

An abstract for the article
A Thesis/Claim statement
Identify 2 additional articles (1 must be from the Herzing Library Database) that could be used to support the Thesis/Claim statement included in the summary.
Provide the APA reference for each article

Set up the assignment as follows:

Thesis Claim Statement
Article reference

Review the grading rubric before submission.

Note: This assignment is submitted through SafeAssign. Please review the SafeAssign report. If the report is over the 20% threshold, please correct your document and re-submit by the due date. You will have two attempts for submission.
The Internet Classics Archive | Rhetoric by Aristotle. (2014, September). Retrieved from

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