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September 10, 2023
Why do you think there is an over representation of students who are ethnically and racially diverse in special education?
September 10, 2023
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Antistatic brushes that contain polonium 210, a radioisotope

Antistatic brushes that contain polonium 210, a radioisotope

Antistatic brushes that contain polonium 210, a radioisotope of polonium that emits alpha particles with a half-life of 134 days. The Po-210 is bound to the surface of ceramic microspheres in the handle of a soft bristle brush.  The alpha particles are emitted into the air near the bristles, creating ion pairs from molecules in the air that then neutralize static charge on the brush. Assume that the amount of Po-210 activity is 200 uCi (microcuries) when purchased.  What is the activity 1 year (365 days) later, when the manufacturer recommends replacing the Po-210 cartridge?
A2 = A1 e(-0.693 x ∆t / t1/2)
A2 and A1 are activity at time 2 and time 1, respectively
How likely is this product to present an ionizing radiation health hazard?  Give reasons for your opinion. Plagiarism Free Papers
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