From Traditional to Virtual: How Online Classes are Reshaping Education
September 10, 2023
Do you believe that the CFO is the right person to protect a company’s ethical standards?  Why or why not? 
September 10, 2023
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500 word for this assignment

500 word for this assignment

Part of treating co-occurring disorders is being familiar with different community treatment options, and knowing when to refer a client to community resources. One controversial treatment stirring up much debate among emergency medical professionals, community mental health providers, and government agency officials is the use and availability of a drug called Naloxone.
Naloxone is now available over the counter without prescription in over 15 countries as of 2016.

Your task is to watch What is Naloxone? (Links to an external site.), review the literature related to non-prescription Naloxone, and answer the questions posed. You may use the internet, library, peer reviewed literature, brochures, or use other resources.
Respond to the following prompts:

What are two arguments for non-prescription Naloxone?
What are two arguments against non-prescription Naloxone?
After looking at both sides of the issue, what is your biggest concern?

What, if anything, would you support?

You must cite your sources and indicate where you got the information that helped formulate your view. If your discussion does not include a reference as to where you found the information, credit will not be awarded
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